Shoes without removable insoles


Insole for shoes without removable insoles

Designed to be worn in shoes without removable insoles or only very thin. These innovative insoles are made of ultra-thin AeroCell Polyurethane and offer the desired support. Thanks to the strategically placed Lynco® insole, your body is perfectly aligned to prevent any foot problems. The moisture-regulating microfiber upper layer provides a pleasant feel and a healthy "shoe climate".

  • Top cover material: soft microfiber
  • Performance Base: AeroCell polyurethane for high energy return
  • Insole Thickness: .082"
  • Recommended For: Individuals with shoes that have little or no removable depth
  • Ideal for: dress shoes, shoes without a removable insole or with a narrow toe

Each foot is unique, a universal shoe. Once you've selected an insole based on accurate scan information from Aetrex foot scanners, it makes a universal shoe feel custom fit and comfortable. You recommend the perfect shoe, the insole offers additional support and comfort and makes the customer satisfied and happy to come back to you. Aetrex insoles ensure a healthy gait that adapts to the foot, offers comfort and helps prevent discomfort. The scanned information is recorded in a foot passport, with which you can build a database of valuable customer information and further personalize your marketing campaigns. View select custom Aetrex products.

11 products

11 products