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Why Aetrex insoles?

Our feet were originally designed to walk barefoot on soft, uneven surfaces such as dirt, sand, and grass. Today, we mostly walk on hard surfaces and our feet are not capable of distributing pressure evenly. Aetrex insoles help transfer pressure away from high pressure areas and create an equal distribution of pressure while walking or running.

Can Aetrex insoles help eliminate foot pain?

Yes. Aetrex insoles are designed to support your longitudinal arch and provide the alignment needed to reduce overpronation. They also help alleviate foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and transferring pressure away from high-impact areas.

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Strategically placed arch support

Supporting the bow in the right place is crucial. Looking at bare feet, the apex of the arch appears to be in the center of the foot. An x-ray can confirm that the vertex is actually further back. The contour, position, and height of Aetrex's exclusive arch support aligns anatomically in just the right place to help support your body from the ground up.

High-tech materials to benefit your health

Goodbye to plastics and other hard and uncomfortable materials. The Aetrex collection of insoles use premium shock-absorbing materials designed to cushion and support the body while protecting the foot. The collection integrates modern, lightweight, and high-tech materials such as memory foams, polyurethanes, and slow-recovery foams.

Alignment and biomechanical efficiency

A key goal of Aetrex insoles is to provide alignment and keep the foot closer to neutral throughout the gait cycle. Proper alignment helps minimize overpronation and reduces stress on the plantar fascia, knees, hips, and back.