Fully loaded. fully integrated

All the features you could need in a compact device.

Simple and easy scanning process

Albert 2's fast 20-second scanning process of two feet at a time captures unrivaled, accurate data about your customers' feet to help you find the right shoes or orthotics the first time.

Unmatched data capture

Albert 2 captures unmatched data that can be used to personalize shoe recommendations, reduce returns, and develop personalized digital marketing communications.

Unmatched in-store experience.

The Albert 2 creates a unique, interactive, high-tech experience in the store. Customers will love interacting with the Albert 2 and learning about their feet.

Additional Selling Opportunities

Aetrex technology provides significant additional sales to retailers with Aetrex orthotics, a premium line of products that deliver real benefits to their customers.

Available from September 2021

Starting at €2,995 or €150 per month.

Albert 2
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albert 2 scanner

Find the right fit the first time and more. Quick, easy and fully integrated, this all-in-one scanning system incorporates all the features and technological benefits you could possibly need.

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Aetrex Technology Ecosystem

The Aetrex Technology Ecosystem explains how Aetrex integrates premium hardware, software and orthotics into a seamless system for superior benefits for retailers and customers.

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Gaitway Scanner

The Gaitway scanner features 5,184 gold-plated sensors and two attachable wings. It sets the industry standard for gait pressure data at an unprecedented rate of 30 frames per second.

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control Panel

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3D Printed Custom Insoles

3D printing allows Aetrex to offer a fully customized orthotic by translating complete data from a foot scan to create an orthotic that precisely fits the individual's foot profile.

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