Aetrex Technology Ecosystem

An omnichannel hardware, software and orthotics platform, seamlessly integrated to enhance retail businesses around the world.

The Aetrex technology ecosystem is designed to integrate premium hardware, software and orthotics to deliver superior benefits for retailers. The net result is an outstanding omnichannel solution that drives upsells, provides an engaging retail experience, and captures unmatched data for personalized tuning and targeted digital marketing opportunities.

Adjustment and data capture

Retail Experience / Consumer Benefits

complementary sales

The Albert 2 Pro

The Albert 2 Pro is an easy-to-use 3D foot scanning system designed to help customers find the right shoes and orthotics and provide an enhanced in-store customer experience. In 20 seconds or less with a scan of two feet at a time, the Albert 2 Pro captures unrivaled data about the client's feet, including static pressure data and the option of dynamic pressure. Albert 2 Pro is fully integrated with Aetrex orthotic recommendations for customers, creating a profit center for retail partners. Albert 2 Pro is the most advanced foot scanning system offered globally, facilitating a more personalized omnichannel relationship with customers.

Gaitway Scanner

The Gaitway scanner features the Albert software package, 5,184 gold-plated sensors, and two attachable wings to provide an ideal platform for gait pressure analysis. With dynamic and static pressure testing, Gaitway sets the industry standard for gait pressure data at an unprecedented 30 frames per second.

Albert FitGenius™

This proprietary software ensures the right fit the first time using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program can be synchronized with retailers' POS or e-commerce systems to help sales associates recommend the best Aetrex orthotics or best-fitting shoes by brand, style and size per customer, based on their single foot scan. This includes your percentile among US customers for each measure, to help put your size in context.

cloud analytics

Cloud Analytics is a highly secure and reliable cloud-based data analytics platform for Albert 2 Pro. It uses Artificial Intelligence and a host of analytical tools to extract insights from the massive data collected from Albert's scanners and present it in a way easily categorized and readily available through the Control Panel.

Albert Control Panel (CRM)

The Albert 2 Pro Dashboard is a CRM dashboard where retailers can easily access, filter and export all data from the Albert 2 Pro foot scanner. The Dashboard helps retailers monitor usage of the Albert 2 Pro scanner per store and per sales associate. You can also filter all customer foot scanner data by store, which can be used to create custom marketing programs targeted to customer needs based on foot size, width, arch height, and more. .

mobile scanning

Albert's mobile app guides consumers through an image capture process that provides accurate arch size and type. From this data, the program presents relevant educational and product recommendations. The app uses advanced machine learning and computer vision software to deliver an unrivaled customer experience.


Aetrex Foot Passport™ technology provides customers with their personalized scan results and foot profile through, a virtual hub for customer data. Customers can view their full profile, update their shoe preferences, view past foot scans, get shoe recommendations, and access personalized promotions based on their individual scan results. has been recognized as the number one foot health website on the Internet and serves as the educational component of the Albert 2 Pro software. Foot Pain Identifier is the most visited section of the site, and the Type of Foot section Arch can work seamlessly within A2OS to help educate customers about their foot type. The site also features conditions and treatments, videos, and a news section that keeps content up to date.

aetrex academy

The Aetrex Academy is an online and on-demand customer training program designed to educate retail associates on maximizing the potential of Aetrex orthotics and technology programs. Participants can learn about biomechanics, anatomy, and sales tools to help retailers create a cutting-edge service experience. The academy also provides store associates with proven methods to drive sales and identifies opportunities to optimize their data.