Our main objective is none other than to be able to offer the consumer the opportunity to receive a study of their feet to improve their health from head to toe in less than 1 minute. Through a very quick and easy process, the consumer experience with Albert2 begins by stepping foot on the sleek and modern in-store scanner. The fast and easy-to-use two-foot scanning process takes 20 seconds or less and can capture both static and dynamic pressure as well as 3D measurements of the foot. Accurate and comprehensive foot data is used to help consumers find the best-fitting Aetrex footwear and/or Aetrex insoles first, based on their unique foot profile. The 3D animated character, Albert, guides users through the scanning process, creating a unique and interactive customer experience.

study of your feet to improve your health from head to toe in less than 1 minute

You can reserve your own 3D foot scanner at our official sales points. Contact us to book your appointment.

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