L100 Women's Fashion Insoles - Insole for Wedge Heels or Boots

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Lynco Women's Orthotic Insoles help provide the comfort and support needed for your favorite fashion footwear. These innovative orthopedic insoles are flexible, ultra-light and designed to provide support and relieve pressure. Cobra's unique shape and built-in Lynco support comfortably balances your feet and helps provide proper body alignment. Made with soft, breathable full-grain leathers and state-of-the-art thermoplastic urethanes.

  • Top Cover Material: Genuine Leather
  • Performance Base: Thermoplastic Urethane for shape retention
  • Template Thickness: .0125
  • Recommended for: Professionals
  • Best for: Dress shoes and shoes without a removable insole
How to use it: Start by removing the insole from your shoes, if possible. Replace the template with your Aetrex Fashion Templates. When putting your new Cobra shaped orthotics into your shoes, make sure the arch is positioned on the inside of the shoe.

Templates that change your life

Pain relief

Arch support helps relieve common arch and heel pain


Arch support helps stabilize natural alignment


Memory foam provides greater comfort and cushioning

Pain relief

Aetrex Signature Arch Support

pressure relief

superior cushioning

biochemical efficiency


Doctor Approved and Recommended

"I recommend Aetrex products to my patients because they help provide the right balance and support to relieve and prevent foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Unlike other brands, the contour, position, and height of the arch support Aetrex product is anatomically aligned in the right place to help support our body from the ground up." -Janine Taddeo, DPM



I had purchased your insoles at my orthopedic doctor's office. They were fabulous, but they were getting old. I was excited to find your website and loved being able to buy them online. I love the sandals that I bought with the insoles built into the shoe. I will definitely buy more!!

Maria Carmen
Foot conditions: Metatarsalgia, heel pain

"It saved my feet. I was at a point where my feet hurt so much that I was really limited. I found Aetrex insoles and completely stopped having foot pain by wearing them all the time. They are a miracle for my feet and my feet! my quality of life! I highly recommend them."

Amy M.
Foot Conditions: Arch Pain/Plantar Fasciitis, Calluses, Bunion

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